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Pregnancy massage in Helsinki

All of our massage therapists who offer pregnancy massage have special training related to pregnancy and related massage. Our pregnancy massage experts know how to recognize and be aware of changes in the body during pregnancy.

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How do I get the Member-price?

When you purchase our value card (min. 110 €), you will get Member-price for your use. It’s kinda like a serial card, but it is not tied to any specific service. You can choose the service you prefer, and pay with the value card.

For an example you get 2 x 60min Pregnancy massages by buying value card of 120€.

The benefits of pregnancy massage

  • Relieves pain and swelling
  • Relaxes and restores the body
  • Recognizes and relieves tension and stress during pregnancy
  • Improving sleep quality
  • There are several symptoms during pregnancy, so the most important thing is to get individual treatment.


The goal of treatment at HUH

You smile when you feel well – that’s our goal. We offer a treatment path that enables each area, and often there is a reason behind the pain or discomfort, the treatment of which can improve your quality of life considerably.

What to expect from a pregnancy massage?

We always act in accordance with the client’s wishes and goals, so please tell your specialist what the goal of the massage is – we will modify the treatment accordingly so that it serves you best. Our massage includes:

  • The necessary initial mapping
  • Manual treatment according to the customer’s wishes
  • After the massage, the masseuse gives an insight into the client’s situation and recommendations for the future

Psst! HUH Kampi has a special pillow under the stomach, so when you’re pregnant we can also massage lying on your stomach.

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