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Naprapathy in Helsinki

Naprapathy is a form of manual therapy specialized in examining and treating ailments of the musculoskeletal system.

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How do I get the Member-price?

When you purchase our value card (min. 110 €), you will get Member-price for your use. It’s kinda like a serial card, but it is not tied to any specific service. You can choose the service you prefer, and pay with the value card.

For an example you get 2 x 60min Naprapathy by buying value card of 150€.

What is naprapathy?

Naprapathy training is based on the health concept of Western medicine, and expertise based on scientific research offers you the safest and most effective treatment possible. Our Naprapaats especially understand the challenges of an active, mobile person.

The goal of treatment at HUH

You smile when you feel well – that’s our goal. We offer a treatment path that enables each area, and often there is a reason behind the pain or discomfort, the treatment of which can improve your quality of life considerably. The goal of our naprapaths is to create a framework for success for you to get rid of ailments and injuries and guide you back to pain-free movement.

Naprapathy visit

At the reception, our naparapaths will try to find out the cause of your problem with the help of a comprehensive initial interview and by performing the necessary orthopedic, neurological and manual tests. Based on the information obtained from the examination, a treatment plan is made together. Treatment usually includes soft tissue manipulation, mobilization or manipulation of vertebrae and joints, and exercise therapy.

However, not all ailments can be treated by naprapat, in which case they will refer you to further examinations, for example to a doctor’s office, if necessary.

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