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Physiotherapy in Helsinki

Physiotherapist is an expert on the body functions. Physiotherapy is therapy that promotes and maintains physical function. Physiotherapy offers help with injuries, ailments and mobility-related challenges, and supports self-care with instructions.

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How do I get the Member-price?

When you purchase our value card (min. 110 €), you will get Member-price for your use. It’s kinda like a serial card, but it is not tied to any specific service. You can choose the service you prefer, and pay with the value card.

For an example you get 2 x 60min Physiotherapy by buying value card of 150€.

Not the usual physical therapy

A treatment period at HUH enables training and manual therapy in a peaceful environment in Kamppi.

  • Close cooperation between professional groups
  • Efficient and individual service
  • Own gym


When for physical therapy?

  • Rehabilitation of an ailment or injury
  • Pain condition or disturbance in movement
  • Development of ergonomics or technology
  • Performance improvement
  • Increasing the load in a controlled manner
  • Maintaining and developing functional capacity


Physiotherapy visit

The first visit always includes a comprehensive initial survey, the purpose of which is to get to know the customer’s needs and goals – remember to bring a positive and open mind, because you will definitely learn something new and interesting about your own body. Based on the examination, the physiotherapist can implement manual treatments or physiotherapeutic training during the treatment visit. The physiotherapist also gives clear rehabilitation or exercise instructions to the client.

The treatment period is always a joint journey between the client and the physiotherapist, in which both play an active role. You can expect the following benefits from Physiotherapy, depending on the reason for seeking treatment.

  • Pain relief
  • Fluency of daily activities and movement
  • Increased body awareness
  • Increased muscle strength, speed, endurance
  • Development of body control and performance


Payment commitment (incurance) or doctor’s referral?

Make an appointment when the payment commitment is arranged and take the payment commitment with you the first time. Psst! Book at least 60 minutes the first time.

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