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Osteopathy in Helsinki

Osteopathy is a manual form of treatment specialized in examining and treating the human body. We know how to take the customer’s needs into account and create the necessary treatment plan.

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How do I get the Member-price?

When you purchase our value card (min. 110 €), you will get Member-price for your use. It’s kinda like a serial card, but it is not tied to any specific service. You can choose the service you prefer, and pay with the value card.

For an example you get 2 x 60min Osteopathy by buying value card of 150€.

When do I book osteopathy?

You should book an appointment with an osteopath when you feel that your body needs expert and accurate examination and treatment. In acute pain conditions, it is often worth relying on the treatment package of an osteopath.

  • Various headaches
  • Pain states located in different parts of the body (acute & chronic)
  • Body dysfunctions
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Nervous balance
  • Various ailments and injuries of the body
  • Ergonomics and increasing exercise
  • Overall wellbeing


The benefits of osteopathy

Osteopaths have comprehensive tools for examining and observing different parts of the body, so the treatment is safe and effective right from the start. The osteopath also takes into account factors that, in addition to the tissues, affect the symptoms and treatment, such as the nervous system and related load factors. The benefits of the treatment are techniques that can also be applied to the joint areas, i.e. the osteopath can effectively treat vertebrae or joint areas by manipulating and mobilizing them. Manipulation of vertebrae and joints is completely safe in the hands of a competent osteopath and can play an important role in terms of treatment, and the “crack” is often perceived as very liberating.

What is osteopathy?

The appointment includes a comprehensive initial interview as well as the necessary orthopedic, neurological and manual tests to find out the cause of any pain – however, there does not have to be any pain, but you can also reduce your stress with the help of osteopathy. Treatment may include treatment of the range of motion of the vertebrae or joints (manipulation, mobilization), soft tissue techniques such as massage, and other manual treatment techniques. Rehabilitation or training exercises that are instructed to the client are often also part of the reception visit. With the exercises, we aim to help the customer maintain his own functioning ability.

The goal of osteopathy at HUH

Osteopathy at HUH can be so much more. The goal of treatment is to promote the client’s goal as best as possible, and we prefer close cooperation between different professional groups, which enables a cost-effective and efficient treatment path all the way to improving performance. We want to prevent and have created comprehensive services to enable the customer’s well-being in various areas. Welcome!

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