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You can always set aside time for a massage, where our experts can be sure to give advice for follow-up or refer you to one of our experts.



Relaxation and recovery?

If your body needs relaxation or recovery from exercise, work or stress, you may want to set aside time for a sports massage or stress treatment.

For self-relaxation and recovery, we recommend HUH Kamppi’s recovery room, which contains the self-care equipment needed for effective recovery.


Muscle fatigue or congestion?

We recommend sports massage. If you wish, you can make an appointment with our more trained (osteopath / physiotherapist) medical staff if you feel it is necessary and want a more extensive survey of your body’s condition.


Rapidly developed discomfort or injury?

In such situations, there is often a sudden change or injury. In many cases, the cause is revealed by observing changes in recent history. Make an appointment for a sports massage, during which the masseur examines and performs treatments to relieve the pain.

If you feel that this is not just a simple muscle or ligament ailment, you may want to book a direct appointment with an osteopath or physiotherapy.


Long-term trouble?

If you have a long-term ailment, we recommend booking an appointment directly with your osteopath or physiotherapist. You will get an accurate mapping of your body and clear recommendations for the future. Please note that in long-term ailments, your own exercises and self-care play a big role in successful rehabilitation.


Do you want to make a lifestyle change or work out?

If you need help with training, weight loss, technology, nutrition or anything in between, check out our exercise services. You can test your well-being with a well-being analysis or start training with the instructions of the HUH coach. Check out our sports services HERE.

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By booking appointment, you have agreed to our cancellation policy and privacy policy.

Cancel the booking via the booking confirmation you received in your email. If you have not received a confirmation email and the cancellation is urgent please contact WhatsApp at the bottom of the page

If you want to transfer the reservation, cancel the transfer according to the instructions and book a new time HERE.

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Note! We receive service vouchers for the service intended for it, we cannot receive an advantage for massage services, for example, and there are no exceptions.

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If you are sick in any way, do not come for treatment, cancel the reservation according to the instructions above.

When ill, the body is often in an inflammatory state and does not need additional strain from treatment or exercise. Muscles can be sore from the flu alone, as the blood flow increases, the inflammation may spread and you may infect your caregiver. When it comes to resting, you have time to rest after treatment.

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In voucher you’ll find the voucher ID, the purchased value and / or the eligible service, as well as the validity period on our value and gift cards. When booking, make sure the gift card is valid and you are eligible for that service.

Enter the voucher ID in the booking details or notify your expert at the time of your visit.


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Value and Gift Cards are generally valid from the date of purchase for one year. Promotional products may have different expiration dates. You will find the expiration date on your card, which means the last possible day to receive the service. Unfortunately, we will not extend the validity unless there is a clear impediment to the use of the gift card. We hope that Gift Certificates are always used on time.

An additional time of 2 or 4 weeks can be purchased for the value or gift card. When purchasing additional time, keep in mind that the additional time will always be taken 14 or 30 days after the expiry date. You can buy extra 4 weeks time HERE.

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KELA reimbursement for physiotherapy and treatments performed under the supervision of a physiotherapist on a referral from a doctor. Book an appointment for physiotherapy.

The information required for KELA compensation is collected in connection with the treatment visit in accordance with the instructions of your physiotherapist.

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